Beachfront property owners in Walton County should be on notice: There is a new public hearing on the customary use issue on November 3.  Due to an issue with the some property owners not receiving the notice last time, the county was forced to postpone any final decisions or actions and instead simply hear public comments.


Many owners received the previous notice, and this one looks similar. If you haven’t already received it via certified mail, know that it is likely coming soon.

The letter boldly states that the “Walton County Board of County Commissioners proposes to adopt a formal Notice of Intern to affirm the existence of recreational customary uses on your private property in Walton County, Florida.”

That essentially means that the property rights of the hundreds of people who receive that letter could be in jeopardy, and the burden is on YOU to learn exactly what that means.

The actual public hearing will be on Saturday, November 3, 2018 at 9:00 a.m. and it will take place at South Walton High School at 645 Greenway Trail. We encourage you to attend this meeting and make your voice heard, but unfortunately we have every expectation that county commissioners will vote to move forward with this process at the hearing.

We will work to keep property owners updated and informed about every development, but right now the most important action property owners can take is contacting an attorney to learn about the options they have and what this action could mean for their particular property. You can contact a few of the attorneys that other property owners have worked with by clicking here.