Instructions to Access Court Documents

FlaCPR provides instructions to access the court docket for Walton County’s case against private property owners. The docket contains all documents filed with the court, which includes documents filed by Walton County, by attorneys representing various clients, and by owners who have filed to defend themselves.  Click to view.

Owners Begin to Intervene Against Walton County

Numerous attorneys representing condominiums, associations and individual clients, along with numerous individuals, are filing to intervene to oppose Walton County’s request for affirmation of recreational customary use.  Owners must intervene within 45 days of the receipt of Walton County’s notice, which for most owners will be before the end of February 2019.  Any owner who wishes to intervene to protect their property rights must do so soon. Click to review press release.

Walton County Sends over 4,600 Notices of Court Case Against Private Beachfront Owners

Walton County has mailed over 4,600 notices to owners of 1,194 parcels in Walton County indicating the county is requesting summary judgment to affirm the existence of recreational customary use on all private beachfront property in Walton County. If Walton County is successful, this action will remove your legal right to decide who can use your property and provides Walton County the right to decide who can use the dry sandy portion of your beachfront property.

You should receive your notice sometime the week of January 14, 2019.  If you do not intervene against this action, you may lose your property rights forever!  Contact an attorney to protect your rights. Act now before it is too late!!!

Florida Politics: Deflating the political football on beach access

In Florida’s U.S. Senate race, it’s open season on almost any topic. The latest political football: beach access.

Democrat Bill Nelson touches upon the issue in “Salty,” a new animated digital ad criticizing Republican opponent Rick Scott for signing a controversial beach access bill.

Failure to Notify All Owners Delays Action Until November

On September 8, 2018, Walton County officials held an important public meeting about the issue of customary use and how a new state law – and the county’s subsequent action – could affect the due process and private property rights of hundreds of beachfront property owners. However, the county failed to properly notify all affected property owners. Therefore, the attorney hired by the county to handle customary use actions advised commissioners the action planned for the meeting would have to be delayed.


Sen. Kathleen Passidomo explains background on customary use law

The legal doctrine surrounding customary use in Florida can, at times, be complex. That’s why clarity was needed under Florida law to protect the rights of all Floridians. When a bipartisan majority in the Florida Legislature voted to pass HB 631 earlier this year, they were voting to protect the private property rights and the right to due process for Floridians.

NWF Daily News: Compromise is necessary in Walton County

There have been plenty of workshops, classes, forums and educational opportunities in Walton County lately. And it isn’t to prepare for the upcoming school year or for the county’s annual budget.

It’s all conversation about the beach; who owns it and who can use it.