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misinformation from CU Advocates


Click here to view This is a BIG deal #2! communication

Click here to view This is a BIG deal! communication 

Click here for instructions to access all documents filed with the court (court docket).  This includes documents filed by Walton County, by attorneys representing various clients, and by owners who filed to defend themselves.

Click here to view the Complaint for Declaration of Recreational Customary Use that was filed with the court on December 11, 2018.

Click here to view the Florida Coastal Property Rights Frequently Asked Questions document that explains what this issue is about and how it affects your property rights.

Click here to view a fact sheet about public access to Florida’s beaches.

Click here to read a summary developed by the Florida Senate Judiciary Committee that corrects the record on the customary use law.

Click here to read the new law the Florida Legislature passed in 2018: Florida Statutes 163.035 Establishment of recreational customary use.