On January 6, 2020,  House Bill 6063 was introduced by Rep. Evan Jenne (a Broward County Democrat) in the Florida House of Representatives to repeal your rights as a beachfront owner.

In 2017, the Florida Legislature passed a law that invalidated Walton County’s Customary Use Ordinance that purported to establish Customary use on Beachfront owners’ private property. That law, now codified at section 163.035, Florida Statutes, requires a county to prove Customary Use in a court of law before a neutral judge rather than merely adopting an ordinance to declare your private property open to the public.

Walton County has initiated that process in which nearly 800 Gulf front owners have intervened to protect their property rights. If HB 6063 passes and Section 163.035 is repealed, Walton County will immediately adopt an ordinance establishing Customary Use on your private beachfront property instantly opening your property to the public. You as a beachfront owner will then have to file your own lawsuit against Walton County and you would carry the burden to prove Customary Use does not apply to your property.

This year’s Legislative Session began January 14, 2020.

Beachfront Owners must oppose HB 6063 to maintain their basic due process rights provided by section 163.035, Florida Statutes.